Craft mafia for life.

Craft mafia for life.
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

back to business


after 29 states, 2 opposite coasts and a gulf, complete faith in the universe (which did nothing but respond and provide), and a myriad of amazing human beings and scenery, i am ready to get back to work.

i will be in my own corner of the sweatshop of my mind creating an array of new, exciting and-- probably-- very feathery jewelry.

before i get all that jazz posted check out some of these photos of the trip!

[quest preface]
the goal is to gain a deeper understanding of my role in the scheme of the ever evolving universe; to put to trial traditional ways of thinking and living and construct my own deductions of the relationship amongst the universe and the people in it by gaining new perspectives, ideas and experiences by way of travel.
true great things rarely come without personal scrafice-- something i accept and embrace. i must test my endurance of will. to do this i will remove myself from the everyday comforts i have grown accustom to in an effort to practice vulneravility and, furthermore, humility. in this state, i will be more prone to encountering opportunities for philosophical and spiritual epiphanies as well as self cultivation.
goal: a more defined sense of consmic and self awarness

plan: improvisation

during this trip i have been more indepthly exploring the importance of hope.
with the abandonment or simple absence of hope, motivation for ambition is nothing but a fictitious idea. i would rather be the barer of nieve hope than one who suffers from static pessimism.
give me peaches and i will make you pie.

give the pessimist peaches and he will let them rot like the dreams he sold for the comforts of a fruitless routine.

(for more photos of the journey, check me out on


  1. I got my eye on you kid ;-) so proud of you <3

  2. can't wait to see all the fun stuff do you! miss and love you lots!!

  3. compliments to your achievements. your art is stunning. persevere my dear. :)