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Craft mafia for life.
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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Maximo Riera

" 'Creativity' is the capacity to create a piece of art, which might be artistic or anything else which requires imagination. 'Creative' applies to those people who dedicate themselves to creativity and to do the things which inspire it. This discourse leads me to try to explain what happens in my mind when I sit before a blank canvas.

At first, the creative process animates my mind with a sort of whirlwind that splatters stains and images inside my head, and plunges me into a tunnel of particular sensations.

It is only when I exude this wave of emotions that I am overtaken by an urgent need to find a moment when I can face the provocative void of the blank canvas or white page: I begin to forge my work, challenging and attempting to catch the unknown. My feverish battle is an effort to impose my delicate authority onto the biggest blank canvas of the unknown, as I construct something which even I don't recognize. This work represents a defiant act between the amazing-- illusory and the definite-- theoretical, achieving a result which bestows me with an overwhelming feeling of fatherhood."
-Maximo Riera

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