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Craft mafia for life.
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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Deadly Dapper photo shoot!

    Just before setting sail for the the Deadly Dapper Summer Jewelry Tour of 2015, I quickly put together a last minute photo shoot that, despite my procrastination, came together swimmingly! This was only possible due to my incredibly talented, and creatively accommodating friends. 
    Firstly, a huge thank you to Jian Bastille-- the kind of photog everyone hopes to be graced with on a project. He helped to create a laid back environment and made everything flow smoothly with his clear direction and down-for-anything attitude. A true professional. I absolutely cannot wait to work with him again! 
    Nikki McCoy, the mother of makeup magic, squeezed this project into her incredibly busy life.  I don't know how she does it all but I am certainly grateful that she does. She is never a disappointment; always knowing exactly the appropriate look for absolutely anything and executes it meticulously. Thank you kindly madame!
    Of course this wouldn't be complete without my lovely models representin' strong . Brendan Blouin who is an absolute natural exhibited the unisex(y) pieces and came equip with witty banter to keep us laughing and having fun. Keiya Mavita wears anything well, ain't no armature, and was super helpful with her plethora of wardrobe options. Thank you my darlings! Expect me to be hunting you down when I get back for some more shenanigans.  
    Shout out to Elizabeth Hurstell for the wild cat taxidermy. Thanks, it worked out swell!
    Lastly, my gratitude also goes to Marcy and Ryan Hesseling for setting me up with a location to dress a perfectly fitting scene. You guys are always there for me and I do so appreciate you both. 

Here are some great shots! Check out the entire shoot at

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