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Craft mafia for life.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Caravanning Gypsy Jeweler

I feel as though I'm embarking on a subculture to which I'm not sure I belong; the world of recreational vehicle owners. For instance, I never quite understood lavish pools located directly adjacent to a pristine, powdery beach. It wreaks of excess and seems to be an insult to mother nature herself. Yet here I sit about 100 yards from the ocean working on my laptop poolside, accompanied by a gym, clubhouse, rec-room, and class A motor homes that cost about the same amount as a New Orleans home and that I'm certain come complete with a helicopter landing pad atop-- looking as though Beverly Hills and Optomus Prime had a love child to house the decadently retired. I can see in their eyes that they smell the stench of the RV-armature on me. Fake it 'til ya make it! ...right?...
On the other hand, this lifestyle is quite ideal in so many ways. I have an entire mini house and traveling studio strategically oriented in the loft (my first loft studio!) on my back. Also, there is never a dull moment. The scenery changes daily along with the neighbors (if there are any neighbors at all). There is always something breaking and there is always something being improved.
I won't question my inclusion one way or the other. Instead I plan to just embrace what feels a lot like happy, appreciate what this adventure affords me, love my company and be thankful for the awesome woes before me and to come.
The adventure begins!

My lake-side studio for the evening

My brother's and my set up at The Blade Show; The largest knife exhibition in the world

My dear brother and phenomenal bladesmith, Mareko Maumasi of Maumasi Fire Arts  

Apolachacola, FL the oyster capital 

Castillo de San Marcos, Saint Augustin, FL

Craft local brews with the bros in Orlando

My wonderful niece, Nai'lani

Saint Augustin gate 

Castillo de San Marcos

Some southern breakfast in Charleston, SC

The Osprey in Florida

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